Focus on the study by the think tank Molongwi which highlights those forgotten by the Coronavirus pandemic: sub-Saharan African students in France. It illustrates the administrative, financial and psychological difficulties encountered.

Sub-Saharan African students in France represent 23% (i.e. 85,112) of the 370,052 students hosted in France in 2019-2020 and little data reflects their issues.

The picture drawn by this study is rather disturbing but it also reveals the resilience of these students: today, 85% of respondents have succeeded in overcoming these difficulties.

It also provides solutions through the proposed recommendations which are intended for the various stakeholders in the course of students from sub-Saharan Africa in France: higher education establishments, public institutions/administrations, companies, Crous, students and student associations and African diasporas in France etc.


Le tableau dressé par cette étude est plutôt troublant mais il révèle aussi la résilience de ces étudiants : aujourd’hui, 85% des sondés ont réussi à surmonter ces difficultés.

Elle apporte aussi des solutions par le biais des recommandations proposées qui sont destinées aux différentes parties prenantes du parcours des étudiants d’Afrique subsaharienne en France : établissements d’enseignement supérieur, institutions/administrations publiques, entreprises, Crous, étudiants et associations estudiantines et des diasporas africaines en France etc.

Through these recommendations, the Molongwi think tank invites them to implement sufficient, diligent and effective means (skills, finances, support, networks) to enable students to fully realize the potential of their project in France.

For us, “ this study presents itself as a foundation for the elaboration of new reflections for the future of sub-Saharan students” .


Study carried out by the think tank Molongwi among 225 sub-Saharan African students in France from April 9 to May 7, 2021 on a representative sample of the sub-Saharan student population of young people aged 25 on average.

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